Obstetrics – The Medical Facility Meant for Pregnant Mother!

Obstetrics is known as a medical specialty that deals with taking care of the reproductive tracts as well as child of women during when she is pregnant. The care associated with obstetrics can be given to a woman during prenatal, childbirth as well as postnatal period. Most of the obstetricians are also considered to be gynecologists. It means that they can perform both the specialties. In US, these experts are also called as OB or GYNs.

Till the year 1992, gynecological problems were considered to be obstetrics at a gestation period of 28 weeks. It’s the time when fetus becomes viable. But as per the modern care, it is considered that fetus can become viable in 24 weeks. Due to this the law and the definitions related to obstetrics were changed on 1st October, 1992. Modern day’s obstetrics facilities ask the expected moms to register with the hospital where they have appointed obstetricians. A pregnant mom needs to do this at 12 weeks.

Due to this reason, discharge of a patient from gynecologist to an obstetrician is considered to be quite artificial. A practitioner in this field should be equipped with both the obstetrics and gynecology related knowledge. Under some conditions, obstetric may be included for the gynecology section. This may happen when these two specialties overlap each other.