Obstetrics – The Medical Facility Meant for Pregnant Mother!

Obstetrics is known as a medical specialty that deals with taking care of the reproductive tracts as well as child of women during when she is pregnant. The care associated with obstetrics can be given to a woman during prenatal, childbirth as well as postnatal period. Most of the obstetricians are also considered to be gynecologists. It means that they can perform both the specialties. In US, these experts are also called as OB or GYNs.

Till the year 1992, gynecological problems were considered to be obstetrics at a gestation period of 28 weeks. It’s the time when fetus becomes viable. But as per the modern care, it is considered that fetus can become viable in 24 weeks. Due to this the law and the definitions related to obstetrics were changed on 1st October, 1992. Modern day’s obstetrics facilities ask the expected moms to register with the hospital where they have appointed obstetricians. A pregnant mom needs to do this at 12 weeks.

Due to this reason, discharge of a patient from gynecologist to an obstetrician is considered to be quite artificial. A practitioner in this field should be equipped with both the obstetrics and gynecology related knowledge. Under some conditions, obstetric may be included for the gynecology section. This may happen when these two specialties overlap each other.



The Nephrology department is looked after by a highly skilled Nephrologist & trained technical staff. Advanced dialysis machines and separate area for patients on maintenance dialysis is available. Bedside dialysis facility is available to patients who are admitted in ICUs. The Advanced Reverse Osmosis Plant is installed which ensures best water for dialysis

The Technology:

6 advanced dialysis units (Fresenius Kabi) are available in the nephrology department. The Advanced Reverse Osmosis plant is available for quality water required for dialysis.

Diseases Treated & Procedures Available:

The Nephrology department deals with the management of acute renal failure, chronic kidney diseases, glomerular diseases, hypertension (primary & secondary), end stage renal disease, diabetic nephropathy, urinary tract infection, electrolyte & acid base disturbances. It also deals with care for renal transplant patients and paediatric kidney diseases. Procedures available in the nephrology department are, haemodialysis (acute & maintenance), peritoneal dialysis, CWHD, CAVHD, SLEDD, Plasmapheresis, Renal Biopsies, Haemoperfusion (treatnebt for poisoning), dialysis catheter placements (Temporary & permanent catheter insertion).

The Team:

The Nephrology team consists of a Nephrologist & trained paramedical staff. As the entire team is available round the clock, patients requiring emergency dialysis are immediately attended to, and even bed side dialysis facility is provided to the patients in ICU.


Paediatrics – The Medical Facility for Children!

Paediatrics is the medical facility that basically deals in the treatment of children, adolescent and infants. The medical practitioner who uses to have specialty in this segment is called as the paediatrician. The term paediatrics means the healer of the children and this term of driven from 2 Greek words such as pais that means child and iatros that means doctor or the healer. In US, a paediatrician is considered to the primary-care physician and specializes in the children. Modern day’s paediatrics facilities allow children to receive treatment under a friendly and homely like place. Here, they receive the medical treatment offered by sensitive and warm staff nurses so that the little ones can feel as if they are at home. In order to handle the complex paediatrics cases, some medical facilities have added the following sub-specialties.

  • Paediatric cardiology
  • Paediatric surgery
  • Paediatric oncology
  • Paediatric hematology
  • Paediatric neurology

As far as the paediatric ward is concerned, this is always considered to be a warm and friendly place for the children. These facilities or wards are equipped with NICU and PICU. They also have separate departments like blood collection, laboratory, and intravenous cannulation added for the ward. Some of the modern paediatrics facilities also have separate playroom for the kids. These places are also equipped with nebulisation equipment in order to relieve bronchospasm and respiratory secretions.



The department is supported with two highly experienced & eminent Gynecologists for all types of obstetric & Gynecological procedures. Apart from routine work, the department is known for 'High Risk' obstetric work. We receive many high risk cases from obstetricians from in and around Kalyan. These cases include PIH, Pre-eclampsia, PPH and pregnancy with other complication like dengue, DIC etc.

The department is supported with an advanced Post-Operative Intensive Care Unit where a team of Intensivists is available round the clock.


Gynaecology –The Medicinal Practice Dealing With the Wellbeing of the Women Reproductive System!

Gynecology or Gynecology is the medicinal practice dealing with the wellbeing of the women reproductive system such as ovaries, vagina and uterus. Factually, outside drug it suggests the science of female. Its equivalent is andrology that deals with medicinal issues precise to the men reproductive system. Approximately all contemporary gynecologists are obstetricians. However, in several areas, the gynaecology as well as obstetrics overlaps. As with complete surgical specialties, gynaecologist might employ surgical or medical therapies relying on the precise nature of the issue that they’re treating. Pre and post operative medicinal management will most of the time employ several standard medicinal therapies like:

  • Antiemetics
  • Diuretics
  • Antihypertensives
  • Antibiotics

In addition gynaecologists make regular utilization of specialized hormone modulating therapies like:

  • Hormonal contraception
  • Clomifene citrate

These therapies are offered at such medical facility in order to cure disorder of the women genital tract which are reactive to gonadal or pituitary signals. However, surgery is the main treatment of gynaecological treatment. However, for political and historical reasons, previously gynaecologists weren’t considered surgeons, though this point has been always the source of controversy. Advancement in both gynaecology and general surgery has blurred several of the once inflexible lines of distinction. Now such treatment can be done in the best possible manner by a specialist or surgeon.


Psychiatry – Require To Treat Under Specialize Psychiatrist!

Psychiatry is one types of mental illness, which is managed by experience psychiatrist who specializes in treating mental related problems. Psychiatrist is also known as medical doctor or MD. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder as well as other brain related issues, then a well qualified and experience psychiatrist play a vital role to help you to get rid of these problems. As per his or her knowledge, he or she makes a course plan in front of the patients to show them right direction. Due to these reasons, you need to spend more effort, expense and time to find most reliable and experience health experts to manage your problems as soon as possible.

  • First, you need to determine your requirement to choose whether psychiatrist fit as per your needs or not. In this regard, some psychiatrists have expertise in the treatment of older patients, some in children and others in particular health condition.
  • You need to focus on other preparation such as: budget requirement and insurance requirement because it is more essential in case of long term treatment process. You can also focus on trusted referrals through which you can get the best possible results from Psychiatry like issues.

The medical facilities offered for psychiatry are:

  • Geriatric-Psychiatry Services
  • Acute-Psychiatry Services
  • Medical Psychiatry
  • Psychology Services

Adolescent and Child Psychiatry


Ophthalmology – Deals With The Physiology, Diseases and Anatomy of the Eyes!

Ophthalmology is considered as the branch of drug which deals with the physiology, diseases and anatomy of the eyes. An ophthalmologist is considered as a specialist in surgical and medical eye problems. As ophthalmologists do operation on eye, they’re considered to be both medical and surgical specialists.

The phrase ophthalmology comes through the Greeks roots ophthalmos meaning logos and eye meaning thought, disclosure, or word, ophthalmology factually suggest “the science of eyes”. In fact, as a regulation, it also applies to animal eyes, since the dissimilarities from human exercises are astonishingly minor and associated mainly to dissimilarities in prevalence or anatomy, not dissimilarities in disease process.

Whilst entire ophthalmologists specialize in eye issues and could treat all the conditions, few decide to focus in a precise area of surgical or medical eye care and such individual is known as a subspecialist. She or he normally finishes a fellowship, which’s 1 or 2 more years of extra training in the elected area. General areas of subspecialty comprise retina, glaucoma, cornea, plastic and paediatrics surgery.

When you should see an ophthalmologist ?

You must have your eyes tested by an ophthalmologist if you’ve the following condition:

  • Distorted vision
  • Decreased vision
  • Red eye
  • Eye pain or eye injury
  • Bulging of both or one eyes

A wide range of medical facilities are offered under ophthalmology. These are:

  • Cataract evaluation
  • Refractive surgery
  • Cornea as well as external diseases
  • Low vision
  • Extensive eye care as well as tests
  • Vitreoretina surgery
  • Glaucoma

Pediatric ophthalmology

Primary care

Primary Care – Best Alternative and Private Part of Health Care!

As per the Institute of Medicine, aim of primary care is addressing the best part of private health care requirement and boost long term deal with the patients regarding different health issues. The first and foremost requirement of primary care providers to make good relationship with the patients and complete relax in health care method. Physicians who considered as primary care health experts include with those practice general pediatrics, internal medicine, preventive medicine and family practices. Health care professional who practice gynecology and obstetrics are also mostly classified in such categories. Function of primary care professional include symptoms diagnose of diseases, advice patients regarding screening, identify conditions, early prevention, and other medical intervention.

However, primary care health experts don’t practice a field like neurology, oncology, and surgery as well. Most of the medical settings offering primary care are considered to appoint one primary care healthcare professional as per thousand people those are always going high on demand. As far as the medical facilities offered at these primary care centers are considered these include:

  • Routine health tests in order to manage chronic conditions
  • Preventive medicine is offered
  • Health education
  • Health screening
  • Obstetrics and prenatal care for women
  • Geriatrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Travel medicine
  • Radiology facility

Laboratory facility

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases – Can Become Serious!

Ear, nose and throat diseases are common now days. You can experience different diseases in these parts of your body. In ear you can find low hearing or loud hearing like problems while in nose you can face problems like loss of smell and others. At the same time in throat you can face diseases such as sore throat, throat infection and even throat cancer. No matter how simple the condition is you must consult with a doctor to solve these problems as quickly as possible. If you ignore them time and again, then these disease can turned out to be bigger diseases that not only takes away your money but also place your life in danger.

There are also ENT specialists who are specialized in curing the diseases caused in ear, nose and throat. However, now you can find several general tips about curing ear, nose and throat diseases in a sample and affordable manner. There are also home remedies available for these diseases that you can use and get rid of your pain or suffering in the most convenient manner. So, don’t overlook even your smallest of eyes or ear problems. Go for the clinical facilities where ear, nose and throat diseases are treated. Here you can avail:

  • Audiology services
  • Videostrobscopy
  • Flexible endoscopy
  • Adult-airway disorders
  • Voice therapy and evaluation
  • Cochlear-implant treatment and evaluation


Dermatology – Offering Quick Relief From Different Skin Related Issues!

Dermatology is one type of medical or health practice, which focus on different skin care issues. Dermatologists perform several procedures including medical to cosmetic supports to each and every parts of body. Dermatology treats various types of skin disorders includes wrinkles, birthmarks, scars, and different medical issues like rheumatic diseases, infections, and cancer as well. Generally, Dermatologists are having good expertise within physiology anatomy, and medicine.

These sorts of disorders range from the medication as well as dietary modifies to surgical process. There are 2 kinds of dermatology available in which dermatologists can choose to get expertise like geriatrics, pediatrics and particular disorders including infectious disease or cancer. However, 2 types of Dermatology combine dermasurgery and cosmetic dermatology. In most of the cases, these healthcare professionals are making deal with both issues while some focus on only one. In case of Cosmetic dermatology include procedures like Botox injections and dermabrasion.

Generally, cosmetic dermatology procedures include noninvasive as well as minimally painful. Cosmetic dermatologists are also prescribing topical ointments and creams regarding different issues like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and oral medication as well. On the other hand, surgical dermatologists make cutaneous surgery including removal of varicose veins and cancerous tissue. In this regard, they are using invasive techniques like lasers, scalpel excision and cryosurgery to remove skin cells and birth defects.


Coming Soon...

Unusual eponymous syndromes

Unusual Eponymous Syndromes – Research Always Comes First!

Unusual eponymous syndromes are general in medicine, which can be dedicated to conditions, syndromes, and signs mention after the individuals description regarding their health issues. These sorts of information are more essential and important for any health experts to determine and measure the problems of the patients before taking any sorts of treatment process. Patients by eponymous syndromes abound with entire area of the medicine.

So, it is also more complex task for anyone regarding how to move towards the patients within eponymous syndrome to manage any sorts of health issues in comfortable manner. It is also considered as the most essential skills within the clinical practice. In case of unusual eponymous syndromes health experts may face different types of questions and problems to determine the health issues of patients and take essential steps as well.

It is also considered as such type of issues for which a health experts need to earn more expertise and get proper training to manage this issue in the best possible manner. However, a skills and experience professionals can have the confident to face any sorts of issues and manage it in comfortable way as well. It is also a complete research oriented issues where you need to make more research for it.

Orthopaedics and trauma

Orthopaedics and Trauma – Focuses On Disease and Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System of Your Body!

Are you wondering what is Orthopaedics and trauma? Well, Orthopaedics is considered as the medicinal specialty which focuses on disease and injuries of the musculoskeletal system of your body. This complicated system comprises your joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles and enables you to work, move and be active as well. Once dedicated to the treatment of kids with limb and spine deformities, now orthopaedists care patient of all ages, from newborn with clubfeet to the young athletes needing arthroscopic surgery to old people suffering with arthritis. In fact, anybody’s bone can be broken in accident or some other mishaps. In such circumstances an orthopaedist can help the sufferer to join the broken bones in the best possible manner. However, Orthopaedic surgeon manages special issues of musculoskeletal system and this involves:

  • Treatment with exercise, surgery, medication or other treatment strategies
  • Diagnosis of your disorders or injury
  • Rehabilitation by suggesting physical therapy or exercises for restoring movement, function and strength.
  • Prevention with information as well as curative plans for preventing injury or slowing the series of diseases.

Whilst orthopaedic surgeons are very recognizable with entire facets of the musculoskeletal system, several orthopaedists specializes in certain parts like ankle and foot, hip, spine or knee.

Whilst orthopaedic surgeons are very recognizable with entire facets of the musculoskeletal system, several orthopaedists specializes in certain parts like ankle and foot, hip, spine or knee.

Pre-hospital immediate care

Pre-hospital Immediate Care – Important To Control the Serious Cases!

Pre-hospital immediate care is one of the most essential requirements for the patients before final medical treatments or admitted. It is required to establish symptoms, open wounds, pre-existing conditions, bruises, cuts, broken bones, as well as infection types to minimize further injury and serious condition. In this regard, emergency medical experts are well skilled and expertise in protocols regarding the patients conditions to ensuring about patients safety and their staff safety as well.

Pre-hospital immediate care includes different aspects such as:

  • Transport protocols
  • Patient evaluation
  • Treatment o the patient

In this regard, Vehicles which transport patients to health care settings or offer emergency medical assistance should meet all requirements and standard of pre-hospital needs combined with

  • Sanitized surfaces
  • Equipment
  • Ventilation to decrease the infection
  • Disposal bodily fluids including goggles and gloves

These are required to keep the patients safe before final treatment.

Patient Evaluation is another essential issue requires to determine the emergency conditions, which requires immediate treatment and any other assistance. These Protocols call includes reading and observation of blood pressure, pulse, breathing, consciousness, body temperature, alertness, ability to speak, pupils, pain, movement, bruises, wounds, and cuts as well. Finally, certified emergency healthcare techniques essential to offer instant relief to keep the patient safe before starting of final treatment.